Brand Strategy & Launch Planning with TBWA*

That's right. Now, not only do you win $70K in app design and development, but also a 1-day bootcamp to create positioning, messaging, a launch plan and a professionally created pitch deck from the legendary agency of Apple, Airbnb, Gatorade, Netflix, and Twitter.   

TBWA's DAN team is focused on the new frontiers in technology and specializes in crafting messages to disrupt markets. This team will collaborate with you for a one-day workshop to get the down-low on your app and help you determine the most important thing of all: your Disruption Roadmap. In addition  to the workshop, through prep & post-work DAN will work to determine and then craft the knowledge needed to arrive at your convention and vision.

This means analyzing the current competition for your app and seeing what the norm is - and using this knowledge to narrow in on the top convention. Using this, DAN will help you craft the perfect vision of where you want to take your app, so it can stand for something unique. Finally, the most important part - the Disruption. As a team, we'll help you come up with a plan for how your app can defy the convention in order to reach the vision and truly make an impact on the market. By the end of the collaboration you'll have a strategy, a pitch deck
and a solid timeline of milestones for your mission for success.

You'll be working with the following esteemed team:

Luke Eid, President
Jusso Myllyrine, VP & Head of Strategy
Baker Lambert, Global Data Director
Joshua Hirsch, Global Technology Director
Senem Cinar, Creative Technologist
Tessa Conrad, Global Manager, Innovation & Operations


One of the top ten most active angel groups, The New York Angels, have kindly offered a spot at their pitch night to the winner of the App Idea Awards. This will be an incredibly opportunity to gain awareness in the seed investment community. 

See more information about the New York Angels here