Just yesterday, VentureBeat published a guest article written by our very own Zz Twainy. After looking at reviews of 600 pitch decks during the App Idea Awards, Zz consolidated the major themes she had found and created a list of the ten things you should and should not do when creating a pitch deck. Not all pitch decks will be the same. This is largely because not all business ideas are the same. Along with that, the purpose of one pitch deck can be different than another. One could be used to get an investment, while another could be used to get a meeting or to win a competition. However, no matter what the idea is or what the pitch deck is being used for, these ten pitch deck commandments will remain true. 

“The perfect pitch deck is thorough but concise, covering a variety of topics (but not too many!) and offering a strategy that is ambitious but not unrealistic” writes Zz. Head over to VentureBeat to read ‘10 things I learned from looking at 600 pitch deck reviews’ in full.