Winning the App Idea Awards was just the beginning. We are documenting the journey of our winner, TuckrBox, as they begin to build their company and their app.  TuckrBox is an app that delivers farm fresh lunch meals to children.

As part of the award, the TuckrBox Team won an app marketing and market disruption strategy bootcamp from TBWA.

We interviewed Meghan, the CEO, about her experience.

AIA: What did you think of the session today?

Meghan: It was a lot more than expected. First of all, I didn’t realize we would have this many brains in the room. It was exciting. And I loved that they were all from different facets of the agency: planners, designers, strategists, creative directors, and they were on the global level—that was impressive—REALLY impressive!

AIA: Were there things you learned today that you don’t think you could have uncovered if you didn’t go through this exercise?

Meghan: Absolutely! It's really helpful to talk about something that you’ve been thinking about for so long. And this is a big shift for me, going from art director from different brands to only thinking about my company Tuckrbox. It’s so much in it’s infancy that there are so many possibilities, that it’s really hard to cut through the clutter.

When we did the vision exercises, we can come up with things to build this brand—which was invaluable.

AIA: How do you think positioning of your brand will reflect back on your app?

I think there were a few key things. With a design background, I am thinking more about how putting the app in the child’s hands will have an effect. This is the disruption: that kids have a choice. When the power is in the child’s hands, it will change how the app will flow. I saw light bulbs go off for the ROKO Labs team when we were talking about that. And this is the disruption we’re making. That will be reflected in every part of the app.

AIA: What is the one major lesson you learned today?

Meghan: I think that it was having a lot of brains in the room is so important in these early days. Alex and myself get siloed; we’re always running a million miles an hour, and you just land on a decision. But to get more people involved would be a big takeaway. It’s smarter to have more conversations about big decision because we can have a better perspective about how it will effect the app and, the bigger picture.

Note: Yesterday, we saw the TuckrBox CEO, Meghan Carreau at Google’s 30 Weeks Demo Night. She did a fantastic job and really wowed the crowd.