The 2017 App Idea Awards finalists are:

1. Bee
Bee is a platform that crowdsources content creation and distribution to a company's best customers.
Team: Andrew Ullmann, Lucas McGartland, Erik Byargeon, and Lukas Huberman
Location: Los Angeles, CA

2. Biem
Biem allows individuals to talk with a healthcare doctor, get tested for STDs, and show partners verified results from the comfort of their own home. 
Team: Bryan Stacy, Natalie Brito, and John Rimmer
Location: New York, NY

3. Floss Bar
Floss Bar offers affordable luxury dental hygiene on your time. 
Team: Eva Sadej and Lewis Chen
Location: Brooklyn, NY

4. Hazel
Hazel is a smart-home system that subtly monitors your loved ones with dementia to reduce the tension that arises between patients and their caregivers.
Team: Jonathan Chung, Lillian Jia, and Weijia Zhang
Location: Toronto, ON

SWIFTE is a carpool platform that matches drivers who have extra space with riders who want to go to the same destination. 
Team: Justine Avoudikpon, Sofia DeMay, and Kenneth Duncan
Location: Riverdale, GA

6. Validated
Validated enables retailers and restaurants to cover the transportation costs of customers who shop or dine with them. 
Team: Tov Arneson, Alex Wilhelm, Alanna Beckman, Ian Lyman, and Stein Willanger
Location: Portland, OR

Thank you to everyone who applied. After a long three weeks of judging, our semi-finalist judges decided on these six finalists. We can assure you that it was not an easy decision for them to make. We received a ton of applications this year - so if you weren't selected as a finalist, don't let that deter you one bit. Keep at it...and apply to next year's App Idea Awards! Over the next couple of weeks, we will be announcing some of the other apps that graded high (including our runner-up, gold medalists, and silver medalists.) Keep an eye out for those!

Our finals event is on June 7th at General Assembly (Manhattan HQ) and is open to each and every one of you. We would love for you to all attend and watch these six companies battle it out for the grand prize. Make sure to RSVP now!