We received many great applications this year. Sadly, only six were able to be chosen to pitch for the grand prize at our finals event. We didn't want the others to go unrecognized, so we've decided to give out some awards to the apps that stood out to our semi-finalist judges.

Our Runners-up

ConBody Live
Team: Kathryn Clark, Coss Marte, and Scott Graulich
Location: New York, NY

Team: Ahmad Mubiden and Mohamad Younis
Location: Amman, Jordan

Our Gold Medalists

AllClearMindsquare Health, NALA, Plus Drone, RecRec, ReefillTandem ParkingTiltas, Trutailored, and Zeedle.

Our Silver Medalists

ePluribus, Trial Hope, Leisurely, Bojo, Atlas, DayOffice, Labella, OraiDivision 1-On-1 Trainers, PateintZoom, DiagnosUs, Smart Savior, Pairi, Food Moves, JOIN, Anona, Vampr,LifeHoverBareoEasy BeautyUpoolGOJI, ontyme, Airmule, and Loop


Congratulations all!